Northumbria Equine Secure Saddles Scheme


Following a customer having her Northumbria Equine Saddle stolen (but thankfully recovered), we are now security marking every saddle we build as standard.

The saddles are machine stamped with a unique reference number which relates to the purchaser of the saddle. Should a saddle be stolen and recovered, then we will be able to identify the owner from our records.

The advantage of this is that the saddle is identifiable in the eyes of the law. It can happen that when saddles are recovered, the justice system will not always accept the word of the injured party that the saddle belongs to them. They often require a higher level of proof. Should the former be the issue then, heartbreakingly, the saddle could be returned to the offender and no charges made. Simply providing a picture of your horse with a mass produced saddle on its back is not enough to secure identity.

Very often any numbers on saddles relate to tree size and sometimes, date of build. These are clearly not unique to that owner and horse.

The Secure Saddles Scheme is totally free of charge, and one that we feel is important to the security of our customers saddles, and customers' peace of mind.

Please do be aware that the scheme also relies on customers keeping us updated with any changes they make to saddle ownership.

Warm regards

Kate Hardt - Northumbria Equine UK