We are proud to present the first saddle pad with a pocket to hold the VIP Pad.


This is a bundle offer, which includes the pocket pad and a VIP Pad, reducing the price of the pocket pad to £52.50 (regular price £75.00).

Remember where you saw this first!


We at Kate Hardt Saddlery created these fantastic saddle pads after listening to our customers, who are avid fans of the VIP Pad. This saddle pad helps you tack up quicker without having to do so much "layering" and also stops any VIP Pad movement. Your VIP Pad will always be in the optimum position under your saddle.
It is designed to hold the standard size VIP Pad and to fit a GP or jump saddle with short top straps so it can be used with a double-flap or mono-flap saddle. The pocket closes with high quality hook-and-loop fasteners.


This innovative pad is the first of its kind, and you can either buy this bundle or a pad by itself if you already own a VIP Pad (please see the separate item in our shop).

Made in England using top-quality fabrics and supporting the British equestrian industry.


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VIP-Pocket Pad and VIP Pad