SnowSure is a pad that stops snow balling up in horses' hooves, so they do not end up "walking on stilts". Whether you just turn out in the snow, or want to keep riding and exercising, SnowSure keeps your hooves free of snow and gives the horseshoes better grip. The rubber tube that protrudes into the hoof cavity keeps pushing the snow out every stride or two.
SnowSure pads have to be fitted by a farrier, because they sit between the hoof and the shoe, but they are usually good for at least two shoeings - more if your farrier is careful. Scroll through the images and videos, and you will find some that show how our farrier fitted them.
We import these pads from the continent, where they know a thing or two about snow.

Please select whether you wish to buy a pair of front pads only (if your horse is barefoot behind), or a pair of hind pads only (if your horse is barefoot in front), or a full set.
The price is £44.99 for a set or £24.99 for a pair.

PLEASE NOTE that these pads are horse-sized.

SnowSure - the hoof pad that stops snow balling up