High quality elastic flash straps made by Northumbria Equine UK in England using best bridle leather.

We have had lots of customers which have had some great results using our elastic flash straps.

Sometimes horses will not tolerate a standard leather flash but the rider feels that the horse needs something.

Very often these have really helped. We have received some wonderful reviews with this product. 

Available in black and brown in cob and full size - pony can be made to order. Please contact us.
Event rider Tyler Cassells uses these on his horses and loves them.

The flash attachments are available separately and are NOT included.
The free postage is for mainland UK. We are happy to post elsewhere but please realise that postage will be at cost.

NB Please note that the photographs in this listing are professionally taken and are the property of Northumbria Equine UK and are not to be used without prior permission. Many thanks.

Elasticated Flash - Free UKP&P