This is a fabulous product and this is now the fully upgraded and superb version. Made purely for equestrian use, unlike its competitors. The camera casing is produced by a high tech 3D printing process from engineering polymers making it both lightweight and robust.  This unit weights a tiny 39 grams and is attached to either the underside of a fixed peak (fixing kit supplied) or, as in this picture, fixed to the front of the jockey skull and the underside of the skull cover. You may have your doubts, don't. This is so lightweight it does not budge on your hat. The wings either side of the lense are jointed and bend down or up to fit flush to the front of the hat. Available in different colours. Please note, black is usually in stock, but other colours will be stocked once purchased. If you require this to be used on a jockey skull then you will need to purchase the fixing kit for this in addition to the camera. 
This unit comes with a USB cable to allow charging from the computer/laptop and a neat little case. This product requires a Micro SD card - not supplied. This camera has been used by jockeys in the Grand National in 2015. This camera comes in nine different colours using black outer wings. Please see below for colour options.

Cambox Helmet cam - New UPGRADED - Black