Saddle collection

Our saddles are truly made to order. They are not simply off the peg saddles adjusted to fit. We visit the horse and pop a tree on the back. This is to ensure the correct fit of, not just the width and length but also, very importantly, the angle of the side bars which simply can not be seen when the saddle is built. These bars can cause pressure points if the angles are too accute or flat for the horses back.

Our sumptuous saddles are made by our gifted saddle builder with over 30 years experience working as a Master Saddler, for some of our countries largest, most famous international saddlers. He is an absolute perfectionist and can turn his  awl to anything  -  your wish is his command!



 We do charge a fixed call out fee of £50. You're under no obligation to buy from us, however if you do, the call out fee is deductable from the saddles price. Contact us for a cost for travel expenses. Should more than one horse be seen, then the expenses and call out fee is split between all, not multiplied.

 We are extending our product range constantly -  please revisit soon!