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Kate Hardt Saddlery Ltd started out as "Northumbria Equine UK", the sister company to Northumbria Equine in Canada. Northumbria Equine got its name from the Northumbria region in Canada, where it was first started. Today, Kate Hardt Saddlery (or KHS, as it's often referred to) has outgrown its humble origins.

The Northumbria Equine company was started by two sisters, who both have a great love for superb quality saddlery at affordable prices, but were getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of good quality saddlery in the saddlery shops, and at the high prices that even the poorer quality items demanded.

Northumbria Equine sold the 'Chamfrom' English saddlery across Canada, the USA and France - just to mention a few countries.

Today, both the Northumbria Equine and Chamfrom brands have been superseded by our KHS identity - but we still only use the best quality English leather and stainless steel fittings in all of our leatherwork, and we take a real pride in their craftsmanship.

We cater for all disciplines of equestrianism - if you don't see it, please do just ask!


We are extending our product range constantly - so please call again soon!


At KHS, we are passionate about saddlery that allows you to have years of use out of excellent quality items that do not cost the earth, and it is all thanks to the support and feedback from customers like you! Keep up to date with new product releases and what is coming soon in our news and events page. Feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback by contacting us on the contact page. If you would like to benefit from something that is unique to you, please contact us and let us know your heart's desires!


Please note that all saddlery is hand made, made to order and not stock items. The lead-time therefore reflects this.


The only items we hold in stock are the 'Gently used' items and the new 'Offer' items. 

Everything else is made-to-order. This gives us the ability to offer you a larger choice and keep prices lower for you, our customer. Please do understand that this does mean that - although items will be sent out as fast as humanly possible - there will be a small delay.


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The KHS team.